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post-World Cup depression :(

This is exactly what it looks like: a Teen Wolf concept band playing Florida-style gruff pop punk with a massive nod to Screeching Weasel thrown in just in case you don’t get where these guys are coming from.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Creepoid “Sunday”

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Old Flings,

Simply cannot get enough of this band!

Beer for the idea, coffee to see it through?



So you know the classic Landon Donovan drinking fountain photo? Turns out it’s not even the craziest image from the photo spread in which it first appeared. My new Grantland column revisits a very strange moment in American soccer history.

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Galactic Cannibal,
We're Fucked

OH GOD I HOPE I AM WRONG! ‘Cause if I’m not then this world fucking sucks!

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Off With Their Heads,

Awesome closing track to the new @OWTH record. Love the Naked Raygun-esque woah oh ohs.


Wrapping a fake vinyl label around your beer can so you can drink a can of beer in public isn’t a bad idea at heart. It’s just that those of us who do this on a regular basis know to get some empty 20 oz. cups from the coffeeshop, the kind with the cardboard insulator and plastic lid, and pour your nice bottled craft beer in there before leaving home. I’m just out here drinking some Starbucks, y’all.